Tuesday, October 29, 2013

12 Days Until Halloween - REC & REC2

"But I don't like reading subtitles."

Shut up, you're being an asshole.

Worse, you're being a typical American asshole.  You're like the crew members who are being paid to go to Italy and shoot a movie, who with utter indignation seriously ask "Why doesn't any one speak English?"

Um, maybe because we're not in America, motherfucker.  And actually, a bunch of them do speak English.  And even those who don't have a better grasp of it than you do of Italian.

Oh, and another thing.  When you're in Rome, one of the meccas for fine cuisine, and you're eating at McDonald's because, as you claim, you "don't have three hours to spend on a meal", you're a Special Edition Double-Douchebag Asshole.  Does the phrase "When in Rome" mean nothing to you?


What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah -- REC & REC2!!

REC and REC2 are the most successful examples of the recent horror film explosion coming out of Spain.  Written and directed by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero, REC and REC2 knock the found-footage genre right on its ass.

While they are two separate films, I'm joining them as one because the sequel starts immediately after the first one ends.  In truth, the two films overlap -- the beginning of the sequel starts while the first film is in mid-stride, albeit with a different set of characters on the other side of events.

There is no slow-burn here (as much as I love slow-burn horror).  The first film opens with a news crew for a segment called "While You Were Sleeping".  They are shadowing the overnight shift of the local firehouse -- and it isn't long before the company responds to a call.  It seems like an easy in-and-out trip -- a woman has fallen and hurt herself.

But soon after they arrive, they realize that the situation is much worse.  The injured woman appears almost rabid, and she attacks two of the policemen at the scene, and would have injured more if another officer hadn't gunned her down.

Racing the wounded out to their truck, the firemen (and the news crew) discover that the doors are barricaded.  An amplified voice tells everyone to be calm, because the building has been quarantined.

From this point on, REC  doesn't stop.

No one knows what is going on, but a locked apartment all the way at the top of the building may have answers.

But not the ones they're looking for.

In fact, there's little in the apartment that anyone in their right mind would go looking for -- it is a residence full of the occult and locked-away horrors never meant to see the light of day.

REC & REC2 are a perfect scary movie double feature.

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  1. Rec2 takes everything we learned from one and flips it on it's head in a perfect way. LOVE LOVE LOVE