Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today, as I was on my way home from training, I saw a group of half a dozen young girls, standing on a corner and waving cardboard signs for something.  At first I thought it was for a school car wash or some other fund-raising event -- but as I turned the corner I saw that the signs read HONK IF YOU LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER!!!  All of you should be very proud of me, because what I did not do was follow my first instinct to run the Rav4 up over the curb and mow the little pixies down, honking the horn the entire time.

My friend Renee read yesterday's post, and strongly discouraged me from having any link to my blog whatsoever on my page.  I have to say that she definitely has a point there.

Last night I saw Battle: Los Angeles, which was a great deal less than good.  Now here's a quick disclaimer about any of my film posts -- any and all is just my opinion, and that's it.  And while I may not like a certain film, what you'll never hear me do is speak disparagingly of the filmmakers involved.  Why?  Because they're actually doing it.  They're not talking about making movies someday, they are up and off their asses, burning lean tissue to get it done.  I, in fact, worked for a few weeks on the film, and know a bunch of the people who worked on it.  All of them are good, hardworking people -- busting their asses to make the best film they can, and I admire them the hell out of them for it.

I fucking hate -- I mean hate of epic scale.  But what I hate most of all are the talkbackers -- who lob vitriol over the internet from the anonymity of their parents' basement.  Does that seem a tad judgmental?  Perhaps, but fuck em.  I have the gall to presume my opinion has a tad more validity, but you know what?  I spent over ten years working in film and television, and I know how hard the work is, and how hard the people involved work to get it done.  I know the sacrifices, both personal and professional, that are made to fill the screens in living rooms and multiplexes.  I know that creative choices are often hindered by budget and studio demands, and that everyone worked their fucking asses off to get where they are.  So what I'm basically saying, is that if you've never spent five minutes on a film or television set, production office or writers' room, getting coffee or lunches, or working a twenty-two hour day on fumes, then shut the fuck up.  I mean that in the nicest way possible -- but trust me, you're pontificating from a place of ignorance.  Which is why, I repeat, I will very rarely, if ever, talk shit about the filmmakers.  Unless they are legendary douchebags -- and their rants and ravings have endangered anyone on their sets.  Or unless it's Uwe Boll.  Fuck that guy.  Now I don't know the guy, but when he did that thing in Canada where he challenged a bunch of his harshest internet critics to a boxing match, and beat the shit out of them -- I have to admit that was kind of cool.  No, I say 'fuck that guy' because I have visions of him challenging me to a fight, and then I am forever immortalized on youtube for giving him the fucking beatdown of beatdowns.  That would be cool.

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